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Jan 18, 2020 · The DSP engine used in Airlink Express is MMVari by Makoto Mori, JE3HHT. This engine is very flexible and decodes as well, if not better, than any other soundcard mode engine currently available. It is used by many other software products like Logger32 and the N1MM contest logger. FEATURES SDR-1000 Discussions & Operating Techniques (28 guests) Want to start a discussion about the SDR-1000? Have a question on how to operate a specific mode? Post here your questions and experiences about different types of operating activities with the SDR-1000, such a portable operation, EME, digital modes, etc...

Logger32 v.3.39.0. Logger32 is a 32-bit Amateur Radio logging software written by Bob Furzer, K4CY. Bob is also the author of Zakanaka, and a 16-bit version of Logger. A simple to use logbook for radio beginners from all around the world. Category: Miscellaneous; Developer: - Download - Free - ICOM- YAESU- ELECRAFT- Ten-Tec Orion- Kenwood- Icom transceive protocol using by microHAM devices – CI-V output (MK II, MK2R, MK2R+, etc)- Flex Radio Series 6xxx- Apache Labs Anan RF sensitive Band and Frequency switching, for use with radios which do not have CATAutomatic switching between bandsAutomatic tuning with the band according to segmentsAutomatic switching of band pass filter ... Type: Amateur HF/VHF transceiver: Frequency range: TX: 10-160 m + WARC / 6 m RX: 0.03-60 MHz: Mode: AM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK31: RF Power output: 5-200 W (AM: 5-50 W) 100 ... Jul 05, 2017 · What is Wine on Linux. Simply put, Wine is a free and open-source app which allows us to install and run Windows applications on Linux. To be a bit more technical, Wine is a compatibility layer; it translates the Windows system calls to Linux and uses some Windows libraries, in the form of .dll files. 11時から行われたic-7610のプレゼンテーションでは「ic-7610はアイコム技術陣が鋭意開発中のモデルで、本日は動作サンプルを展示しているが、ソフトは最終版ではないし仕様もこれから変わる可能性があるので、それをふまえて見て欲しい。

どんな仕様になり、価格は?と注目をしておりましたIC-7610の詳細が発表されました。価格はおそよ想像したとおりでした。仕様も昨年のハムフェアに初お目見えしたものとそれほど驚くものはなかったようです。5月には発売と言うことですから、今以上に大きな仕様変更はないと思います ... Rick N2AMG stepped up to the challenge and wrote QRZ Lookup, a utility that works with Logger32 to do free HTTP and paid XML lookups on Rick now has the unenviable task of updating the utility whenever the screen layout changes. Read on for instructions on how to install/update and configure QRZ Lookup.